usage: prog [options] <classes> <projection stack or 3Dmap> <output>
	Compares each class-average (or particle) in the classes input stack to each projection in the 'projection stack'. If a
	3-D map is provided as the second input, then projections are generated using the specified angular spacing.

	e2ptclvsmap.py is similar, but also sorts the results 

Option Type Description
--version None show program's version number and exit
--ang float Angle between projections if 3Dmap provided
--sym None Set the symmetry; if no value is given then the model is assumed to have no symmetry.\nChoices are: i, c, d, tet, icos, or oct.
--align str The name of an 'aligner' to use prior to comparing the images
--aligncmp str Name of the aligner along with its construction arguments
--ralign str The name and parameters of the second stage aligner which refines the results of the first alignment
--raligncmp str The name and parameters of the comparitor used by the second stage aligner. Default is ccc.
--cmp str The name of a 'cmp' to be used in comparing the aligned images
--savesim str Save all of the similarity results to a text file. (ptcl#,proj#,alt,az,sim)
--threads int Number of alignment threads to run in parallel on a single computer. This is the only parallelism supported by this program at present.
--ppid int Set the PID of the parent process, used for cross platform PPID
--verbose, -v int verbose level [0-9], higher number means higher level of verboseness