Resolution testing in EMAN2.1 is performed using 'gold standard' procedures integrated into e2refine-easy. The old-style eotest result could be subject to noise bias and other problems and is no longer considered a valid measure of resolution. This statement also extends to EMAN1. That is, eotest results from EMAN1 may be rejected by reviewers as not following modern practices. Note that this is a good thing in many different respects. The new method: 1. no longer requires a separate time-consuming program to run 2. actually helps the refinement converge faster 3. gives a true resolution curve for every iteration 4. provides automatic optimal filtering of the final output map (if CTF correction is performed) After completing a run of e2refine_easy, please look at the refine_xx/report/index.html file, which will show a variety of resolution and convergence plots for your convenience. The raw FSC curves are also available as refine_xx/fsc*, and can be opened by double-clicking on them in the browser

For more information go to emanwiki/EMAN2/Programs/e2eotest.