usage: prog [options]

	WARNING: This program still under development.
	This program is used to interactively generate sequences of class-averages from sets of particles. It can be
	used for many purposes, but is primarily intended at studies of macromolecular dynamics and variability. A stack
	of particles ostensibly in the same 3-D (but not 2-D) orientation are read in, then alignment, classification
	and averaging is performed to produce pseudo time-series animations detailing some aspect of the structure's
	To use this program, you must first run e2a2d_align to align a stack of particles to a single 2-D reference image.
	This program will use those results as a starting point.
	If an existing project is specified with --path, previous results will be re-opened

Option Type Description
--version None show program's version number and exit
--threads int Number of alignment threads to run in parallel on a single computer. This is the only parallelism supported by e2spt_align at present.
--path str Path for the refinement, default=auto
--iter int Iteration number within path. Default = start a new iteration
--ppid int Set the PID of the parent process, used for cross platform PPID