usage: prog [options] input.pdb output.mrc

	Converts a pdb file into an electron density map. 0,0,0 in PDB space will
	map to the center of the volume. Use e2procpdb.py to adjust coordinates,
	apply symmetry, etc. Resolution is equivalent to standard cryoEM definition,
	using 1/2 width of Gaussian in Fourier space.

Option Type Description
--version None show program's version number and exit
--apix, -A float A/voxel
--res, -R float Resolution in A, equivalent to Gaussian lowpass with 1/e width at 1/res
--box, -B str Box size in pixels, <xyz> or <x>,<y>,<z>
--het None Include HET atoms in the map
--center None Move the atomic center to the center of the box
--chains str String list of chain identifiers to include, eg 'ABEFG'
--info None If this is specified, information on the PDB file is displayed, no conversion is performed.
--full None Apply non-crystallographic symmetry to obtain 'full' structure.
--quiet None Verbose is the default
--model int Extract only a single numbered model from a multi-model PDB
--ppid int Set the PID of the parent process, used for cross platform PPID
--verbose, -v int verbose level [0-9], higher number means higher level of verboseness
--quick None Use a slight approximation to the Gaussian during insertion. Does not support B-factors.
--addpdbbfactor None Use the bfactor/temperature factor as the atom blurring radius, equivalent to Gaussian lowpass with 1/e width at 1/bfactor
--omit float Randomly omit this percentage of atoms in the output map.