usage: e2proc2dpar.py [options] <inputfile> <outputfile>

	Limited version of e2proc2d.py which can operate in parallel using threads. Works on a single input/output file, lacks wildcards and many other options.
	Note that --inplace is implied. Output image number is always the same as input image number!

Option Type Description
--version None show program's version number and exit
--outtype str output image format, 'mrc', 'imagic', 'hdf', etc. if specify spidersingle will output single 2D image rather than 2D stack.
--outmode str All EMAN2 programs write images with 4-byte floating point values when possible by default. This allows specifying an alternate format when supported (float, int8, int16, int32, uint8, uint16, uint32). Values are rescaled to fill MIN-MAX range.
--fixintscaling str When writing to an 8 or 16 bit integer format the data must be scaled. 'noscale' will assume the pixel values are already correct, 'sane' will pick a good range, a number will set the range to mean+=sigma*number
--apix float A/pixel for S scaling
--clip str Specify the output size in pixels xsize,ysize[,xcenter,ycenter], images can be made larger or smaller.
--process str apply a processor named 'processorname' with all its parameters/values.
--mult float Multiply image by a constant. mult=-1 to invert contrast.
--add float Adds a constant 'f' to the densities
--meanshrink float Reduce an image size by an integral (1.5 also allowed) scaling factor using average. eg - 2 will reduce image size to 1/2. Clip is not required.
--medianshrink int Reduce an image size by an integral scaling factor, uses median filter. eg - 2 will reduce image size to 1/2. Clip is not required.
--fouriershrink float Reduce an image size by an arbitrary scaling factor by clipping in Fourier space. eg - 2 will reduce image size to 1/2.
--multfile str Multiplies the image by another image of identical size. This can be used to apply masks, etc.
--randomize str Randomly rotate/translate the image. Specify: da,dxy,flip da is a uniform distribution over +-da degrees, dxy is a uniform distribution on x/y, if flip is 1, random handedness changes will occur
--rotate float Rotate clockwise (in degrees)
--rfp None this is an experimental option
--fp int This generates rotational/translational 'footprints' for each input particle, the number indicates which algorithm to use (0-6)
--scale float Scale by specified scaling factor. Clip must also be specified to change the dimensions of the output map.
--anisotropic str Anisotropic scaling, stretches on one axis and compresses the orthogonal axis. Specify amount,angle. See e2evalrefine
--selfcl int Output file will be a 180x180 self-common lines map for each image.
--translate str Translate by x,y pixels
--ppid int Set the PID of the parent process, used for cross platform PPID
--verbose, -v int verbose level [0-9], higher number means higher level of verboseness
--parallel, -P str Run in parallel, only thread:n supported
--threads int Number of threads to run in parallel on a single computer when multi-computer parallelism isn't useful