Option Type Description
--output None Output reconstructed volume file name.
--input None The input projections. Project should usually have the xform.projection header attribute, which is used for slice insertion
--sym None Set the symmetry; if no value is given then the model is assumed to have no symmetry.\nChoices are: i, c, d, tet, icos, or oct.
--pad int Will zero-pad images to the specifed size.
--outsize int Defines the dimensions of the final volume written to disk
--keep str The fraction of slices to keep, based on quality scores (1.0 = use all slices).
--no_wt None This argument turns automatic weighting off causing all images to be weighted by 1.
--mode str Fourier reconstruction 'mode' to use. The default should not normally be changed.
--verbose, -v int verbose level [0-9], higher number means higher level of verboseness
--apix float A/pix value for output, overrides automatic values
--tidrange str Range of tilt id to include for particles from tilt series. Specify two integers separated by ','.
--ref str Weight each particle using a specified reference map.
--minres float minimum resolution to compare when weighting by a reference map.
--maxres float maximum resolution to compare when weighting by a reference map.
--parallel str Thread/mpi parallelism to use without shared memory. Each worker will reconstruct a map with a subset of particles and the results from workers will be averaged together with the corresponding Fourier weighting. Along with --threads, this allows having one worker per node using multiple threads.
--threads int Number of threads using shared memory.
--setsf str Set structure factor from text file
--debug None Turn on debug mode. This will only process a small subset of the data.
--clsid str Only reconstruct a class of particles. Also take even/odd to reconstruct subsets of particles.
--listsel str only reconstruct particles of indices from the given list in a text file.
--p3did int only reconstruct images for one 3d particle of the given ID.
--ppid int Set the PID of the parent process, used for cross platform PPID