Visualize particle motion in individual tilts. After a refinement with the new spt protocol, run 
	e2spt_evalsubtlt.py --path spt_xx --loadali2d spt_xx/aliptcls2d_yy.lst --loadali3d spt_xx/aliptcls3d_zz.lst
	It will take a while to load all metadata, and plot the trajectory of each particle on each tilt image in each tomogram. 
	In the top panel, the blue curve represents the average score of all 2D particles in that tilt, and the red curve represents the average distance of the subtilt motion with respect to the alignment of the 3D particle. The quiver plot below shows the trajectory of each individual particle, colored by its alignment score.

Option Type Description
--version None show program's version number and exit
--path str path
--loadali2d str previous 2d alignment
--loadali3d str previous 3d alignment
--submean None substract mean movement of the vector field
--defocus None plot defocus refinement result