EMAN::GLUtil Member List
This is the complete list of members for EMAN::GLUtil, including all inherited members.
bufferEMAN::GLUtil [private, static]
colored_rectangle(const vector< float > &data, const float &alpha, const bool center_point=false)EMAN::GLUtil [static]
contour_isosurface(MarchingCubes *mc)EMAN::GLUtil [static]
gen_gl_texture(const EMData *const emdata, GLenum format=GL_LUMINANCE)EMAN::GLUtil [static]
gen_glu_mipmaps(const EMData *const emdata)EMAN::GLUtil [static]
get_isosurface_dl(MarchingCubes *mc, unsigned int tex_id=0, bool surface_face_z=false, bool recontour=true)EMAN::GLUtil [static]
glDrawBoundingBox(float width, float height, float depth)EMAN::GLUtil [static]
glDrawDisk(float radius, int spokes)EMAN::GLUtil [static]
glLoadMatrix(const Transform &xform)EMAN::GLUtil [static]
glMultMatrix(const Transform &xform)EMAN::GLUtil [static]
mx_bbox(const vector< float > &data, const vector< float > &text_color, const vector< float > &bg_color)EMAN::GLUtil [static]
nearest_projected_points(const vector< float > &model_matrix, const vector< float > &proj_matrix, const vector< int > &view_matrix, const vector< Vec3f > &points, const float mouse_x, const float mouse_y, const float &nearnes)EMAN::GLUtil [static]
render_amp8(EMData *emdata, int x, int y, int xsize, int ysize, int bpl, float scale, int min_gray, int max_gray, float min_render, float max_render, float gamma, int flags)EMAN::GLUtil [static]
render_amp8_gl_texture(EMData *emdata, int x0, int y0, int ixsize, int iysize, int bpl, float scale, int mingray, int maxgray, float render_min, float render_max, float gamma, int flags)EMAN::GLUtil [static]
render_using_VBOs(MarchingCubes *mc, unsigned int tex_id=0, bool surface_face_z=false)EMAN::GLUtil [static]