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cmp.h File Reference
#include "emobject.h"
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class  EMAN::Cmp
 Cmp class defines image comparison method. More...
class  EMAN::CccCmp
 Compute the cross-correlation coefficient between two images. More...
class  EMAN::LodCmp
class  EMAN::SqEuclideanCmp
 Squared Euclidean distance normalized by n between 'this' and 'with'. More...
class  EMAN::DotCmp
 Use dot product of 2 same-size images to do the comparison. More...
class  EMAN::TomoCccCmp
 This implements the technique of Mike Schmid where by the cross correlation is normalized in an effort to remove the effects of the missing wedge. More...
class  EMAN::TomoFscCmp
 This is a FSC comparitor for tomography. More...
class  EMAN::QuadMinDotCmp
 This will calculate the dot product for each quadrant of the image and return the worst value. More...
class  EMAN::OptSubCmp
 Uses math.sub.optimal to remove the density of the reference from the image as much as possible. More...
class  EMAN::OptVarianceCmp
 Variance between two data sets after various modifications. More...
class  EMAN::PhaseCmp
 Amplitude weighted mean phase difference (radians) with optional SNR weight. More...
class  EMAN::FRCCmp
 FRCCmp returns a quality factor based on FRC between images. More...


namespace  EMAN

df3 file format (http://www.povray.org/documentation/view/3.6.1/374) Header: The df3 format consists of a 6 byte header of three 16-bit integers with high order byte first.


void EMAN::dump_cmps ()
map< string, vector< string > > EMAN::dump_cmps_list ()