File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
ali3d_d_mpi.cpp [code]
ali3d_d_mpi.h [code]
ali3d_unified_mpi.cpp [code]
ali3d_unified_mpi.h [code]
aligner.cpp [code]
aligner.h [code]
aligner_template.cpp [code]
aligner_template.h [code]
alignoptions.cpp [code]
alignoptions.h [code]
all_imageio.h [code]
amiraio.cpp [code]
amiraio.h [code]
analyzer.cpp [code]
analyzer.h [code]
analyzer_sparx.h [code]
averager.cpp [code]
averager.h [code]
averager_template.cpp [code]
averager_template.h [code]
baldwinweights.cpp [code]
boxingtools.cpp [code]
boxingtools.h [code]
byteorder.cpp [code]
byteorder.h [code]
cmp.cpp [code]
cmp.h [code]
cmp_template.cpp [code]
cmp_template.h [code]
ctf.cpp [code]
ctf.h [code]
cuda_ccf.h [code]
cuda_cmp.h [code]
cuda_defs.h [code]
cuda_emfft.h [code]
cuda_kmeans.h [code]
cuda_mpi_kmeans.h [code]
cuda_processor.h [code]
cuda_projector.h [code]
cuda_reconstructor.h [code]
cuda_util.h [code]
df3io.cpp [code]
df3io.h [code]
dm3io.cpp [code]
dm3io.h [code]
dm4io.cpp [code]
dm4io.h [code]
doapmd.cpp [code]
doapmq.cpp [code]
documentation.h [code]
eman2doc.h [code]
emarray.h [code]
emassert.h [code]
emcache.cpp [code]
emcache.h [code]
emconstants.h [code]
emdata.cpp [code]
emdata.h [code]
emdata_core.cpp [code]
emdata_core.h [code]
emdata_cuda.cpp [code]
emdata_cuda.h [code]
emdata_gl.cpp [code]
emdata_gl.h [code]
emdata_io.cpp [code]
emdata_io.h [code]
emdata_metadata.cpp [code]
emdata_metadata.h [code]
emdata_modular.cpp [code]
emdata_modular.h [code]
emdata_sparx.cpp [code]
emdata_sparx.h [code]
emdata_transform.cpp [code]
emdata_transform.h [code]
emfft.cpp [code]
emfft.h [code]
emftgl.cpp [code]
emftgl.h [code]
emio.cpp [code]
emio.h [code]
emobject.cpp [code]
emobject.h [code]
emutil.cpp [code]
emutil.h [code]
exception.cpp [code]
exception.h [code]
fgcalc.cpp [code]
fgcalc.h [code]
fitsio.cpp [code]
fitsio.h [code]
fourierfilter.cpp [code]
fundamentals.cpp [code]
fundamentals.h [code]Image Fundamentals -- Loose collection of fundamental image processing tools
gatan2io.cpp [code]
gatan2io.h [code]
geometry.cpp [code]
geometry.h [code]
glutil.cpp [code]
glutil.h [code]
grid_queue.cpp [code]
grid_queue.h [code]
grid_queue2.cpp [code]
grid_queue2.h [code]
hdf_filecache.cpp [code]
hdf_filecache.h [code]
hdfio.cpp [code]
hdfio.h [code]
hdfio2.cpp [code]
hdfio2.h [code]
hybr.h [code]
HyBR_Cart.cpp [code]
HyBR_Cart.h [code]
icosio.cpp [code]
icosio.h [code]
imageio.cpp [code]
imageio.h [code]
imagicio.cpp [code]
imagicio.h [code]
imagicio2.cpp [code]
imagicio2.h [code]
iminfo.cpp [code]
interp.cpp [code]
interp.h [code]
io_template.cpp [code]
io_template.h [code]
isosurface.h [code]
jpegio.cpp [code]
jpegio.h [code]
lapackblas.cpp [code]
lapackblas.h [code]
lbfgsb.cpp [code]
lbfgsb.h [code]
log.cpp [code]
log.h [code]
lstfastio.cpp [code]
lstfastio.h [code]
lstio.cpp [code]
lstio.h [code]
marchingcubes.cpp [code]
marchingcubes.h [code]
mcqd.h [code]
mrcio.cpp [code]
mrcio.h [code]
mympimodule.c [code]
native_fft.cpp [code]
native_fft.h [code]
omapio.cpp [code]
omapio.h [code]
pca.cpp [code]
pca.h [code]
pdbreader.cpp [code]
pdbreader.h [code]
pgmio.cpp [code]
pgmio.h [code]
pifio.cpp [code]
pifio.h [code]
pngio.cpp [code]
pngio.h [code]
pointarray.cpp [code]
pointarray.h [code]
polardata.cpp [code]
polardata.h [code]
portable_fileio.h [code]
priority_queue.h [code]
proc2d.cpp [code]
processor.cpp [code]
processor.h [code]
processor_sparx.h [code]
processor_template.cpp [code]
processor_template.h [code]
project3d.cpp [code]
project3d.h [code]
project3d_Cart.cpp [code]
project3d_Cart.h [code]
projector.cpp [code]
projector.h [code]
projector_template.cpp [code]
projector_template.h [code]
quaternion.cpp [code]
quaternion.h [code]
randnum.cpp [code]
randnum.h [code]
reconstructor.cpp [code]
reconstructor.h [code]
reconstructor_template.cpp [code]
reconstructor_template.h [code]
reconstructor_tools.cpp [code]
reconstructor_tools.h [code]
rsconvolution.cpp [code]
runali3d_d.cpp [code]
runcartrec.cpp [code]
runhybrid.cpp [code]
runsirt.cpp [code]
runsirt_Cart.cpp [code]
rununified.cpp [code]
salio.cpp [code]
salio.h [code]
serio.cpp [code]
serio.h [code]
sirt.cpp [code]
sirt.h [code]
sirt_Cart.cpp [code]
sirt_Cart.h [code]
situsio.cpp [code]
situsio.h [code]
skeletonizer.cpp [code]
skeletonizer.h [code]
speedtest.cpp [code]
spiderio.cpp [code]
spiderio.h [code]
spidfft.cpp [code]
spidfft.h [code]
spidutil.cpp [code]
spidutil.h [code]
sspiderio.cpp [code]
sspiderio.h [code]
steepest.cpp [code]
steepest.h [code]
symmetry.cpp [code]
symmetry.h [code]
testc.cpp [code]
tests.cpp [code]
testutil.cpp [code]
testutil.h [code]
tifio.cpp [code]
tifio.h [code]
transform.cpp [code]
transform.h [code]
util.cpp [code]
util.h [code]
util_sparx.cpp [code]
util_sparx.h [code]
utilcomm.cpp [code]
utilcomm.h [code]
utilcomm2d.cpp [code]
utilcomm_Cart.cpp [code]
utilcomm_Cart.h [code]
utilnum.cpp [code]
utilnum.h [code]
utilparse.cpp [code]
utilparse.h [code]
v4l2io.cpp [code]
v4l2io.h [code]
varimax.cpp [code]
varimax.h [code]
vec3.h [code]
vecmath.h [code]
volume.cpp [code]
volume.h [code]
volume_data.cpp [code]
volume_data.h [code]
vtkio.cpp [code]
vtkio.h [code]
xplorio.cpp [code]
xplorio.h [code]
xydata.cpp [code]
xydata.h [code]