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rsconvolution.cpp File Reference
#include "emdata.h"
#include <algorithm>
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namespace  EMAN

df3 file format (http://www.povray.org/documentation/view/3.6.1/374) Header: The df3 format consists of a 6 byte header of three 16-bit integers with high order byte first.


#define SWAP(a, b)   temp=(a);(a)=(b);(b)=temp;


EMDataEMAN::rsconvolution (EMData *f, EMData *K)
 Real-space convolution of two images.
EMDataEMAN::filt_median_ (EMData *f, int nxk, int nyk, int nzk, kernel_shape myshape)
EMDataEMAN::filt_dilation_ (EMData *f, EMData *K, morph_type mydilation)
EMDataEMAN::filt_erosion_ (EMData *f, EMData *K, morph_type myerosion)

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#define SWAP (   a,
)    temp=(a);(a)=(b);(b)=temp;

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