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NCMI Workshops: Cryo EM Data Collection

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Workshop on Single Particle Reconstruction, Structural Variability and Modeling: Oct 30 - Nov 2, 2015

Presentation notes from the Workshop (some of these have not been uploaded yet)

Video of selected sessions Our primary video recording mechanism failed to record audio, so we unfortunately have only the EMAN and Modeling tutorials recorded

Tutorial PDFs

Tutorial Data You will also need all of the demonstration data, which we will use when going through the tutorials:

Completed Tutorial Projects (large files)

Software used at the workshop:

  • EMAN/SPARX 2.12 (or snapshot version released after Oct. 19, 2015) - (day 1 - 2) Required. Do not use an older version.

  • Relion 1.4 (optional, day 2-3) - The Relion session will largely be a demo. See comments below.

  • Chimera Daily Build Oct. 17 or later - For PDB viewing and Segger tutorial (day 4, specific version required)

  • Warning: we are aware of an issue with Gorgon on Ubuntu. Will remove this warning when resolved. Other Linux variants should be fine, now.
  • Gorgon - Gorgon Tutorial (day 4) Please install the appropriate binary AND

  • Phenix - (end of day 4) real-space refinement of models

  • LKH Solver - (day 4 - pathwalker), required only for the pathwalker tutorial, see below

  • OpenMPI and PyDusa (day 2-3) SPARX tutorial may also largely be a demo, see below

CryoEM Training Workshop: June 8, 2007


Workshop on Single Particle Reconstruction and Visualization: Mar. 14, 2007


CryoEM Workshop: Oct. 17, 2006


Tutorial of TEM for Biological Cryo-Specimens: Oct. 11, 2004


Tutorial on CryoEM: Oct. 18, 2003


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