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EMAN2 Concepts and Conventions

  • [:EMAN2/ProjectDatabase:Projects, and the database]

  • [:EMAN2/Symmetry:EMAN2 and the asymmetric unit]

  • [:Eman2DataStorage:Data storage conventions, and the internal database (what is BDB: ?)]

  • [:EMAN2/CtfModel:CTF model used in EMAN2]

  • [:EMAN2/TransformConventions:Transformations in the context of projections, reconstructions, and in general]

  • [:EMAN2/AlignersDescription:More information regarding the aligners]

  • [:Eman2Metadata:Parameters/Metadata appearing in EMData attributes (and stored on disk with the image), accessed with get_attr and set_attr]

  • [:Eman2AppMetadata:Parameters/Metadata for applications, not associated with a specific image, stored in bdb:project]