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Converting BDB to other file formats

First a quick answer :

Where possible we use HDF as an exchange format. Chimera will open it, and it preserves the full model metadata, which MRC cannot. Of course EMAN2 supports most other file formats (see: Eman2DataStorage EMAN2ImageFormats) as well.

There are many different ways to convert .bdb data into regular files:

  • Use the browser from the workflow or using '', right click on the file you want to convert and select 'save as'. File format is determined by extension.

  • Use or

  • If you have an image displayed in EMAN2, a middle-click (or alt-left click on a mac) will open up the control-panel. Most of these control panels have save functionality, and can save in any file format.

It is also very worthwhile to read these pages:

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