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This program computes a similarity matrix similar to e2simmx, but in this case, the matrix is sparse to make the computation faster. The populated regions will correspond to the best similarity values.

Command Line Arguments

e2simmx2stage.py [options] <c input> <r input> <output> <ref simmx> <stg1 refs> <stg1 simmx>

For command line options, see e2simmx.py

<c input> <r input> <output> are the same as in e2simmx.py <ref simmx> - Similarity between the various reference images used to generate the stage 1 references and classification tree <stg1 refs> - References used for the coarse stage 1 similarity search <stg1 simmx> - Similarity matrix for all particles vs the stage 1 references

Anticipated speedups for this prorgram vs. e2simmx.py when no stage1 shrinking is used:


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