An extesible, object-oriented electronic lab notebook

Structural and computational biologists frequently work with complex data sets assembled from diverse experimental sources, public resources, and analysis methods. Archiving and mining these data sets with their complicated interrelationships remains a persistent challenge, particularly with “open science” initiatives to make entire workflows, including all raw and intermediate data, available with publications.

To address these needs, we have developed EMEN2, an object-oriented scientific database and electronic notebook. EMEN2 uses a flexible schema based on plain text descriptions of experimental protocols. Investigators can use standard protocols shared throughout the community, or local, private protocols used in their lab. While originally developed to serve the needs of the cryo-EM community, we believe EMEN2’s architecture provides an excellent foundation for many other scientific endeavors.

You can read about EMEN2 in the manuscript:

Rees, I., Langley, E., Chiu, W., & Ludtke, S.J. (2013). EMEN2: an object oriented database and electronic lab notebook. Microsc Microanal 19, 1-10

Please note, this is not the related EMAN2 image processing system.

EMEN2 Mailing List

Please feel free to join the mailing list and ask questions, submit bug reports, or share results.

EMEN2 Demo

There is a publicly accessible, read-only EMEN2 installation for accessing the NCMI's public datasets:

An overview document has been created to introduce new users to the EMEN2 web interface. It includes a number of screenshots.

EMEN2 Installation and Configuration

EMEN2 Guides


EMDash: EMEN2 Client documentation

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