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 * dateutil
  * A library for accurate manipulation of dates and times
  * http://labix.org/python-dateutil
  * "easy_install dateutil"

EMEN2 Dependencies

For basic client usage, no dependencies are required beyond the basic Python environment; the GUI clients require PyQt4. See EMEN2/EMDash for more information.

On the database server side, Berkeley DB and bsddb3 are required for basic functionality. If you want to run the web server, you will also need Twisted, Markdown, and Mako. Additional server features, such as thumbnails and plotting, are provided by EMAN2 and ImageMagick.

Please note that we include all EMEN2 dependencies in the EMAN2 binary distribution's Python environment. This is the recommended installation, and generally how we run it ourselves.

Python Environment

Core Database

Web Server

  • Mako Templates (latest)
  • Twisted 10.x+
  • Markdown
    • Simplified rich-text editing
    • "easy_install Markdown"

Web Server: Optional

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