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The tutorial is available as a PDF: [[attachment:eman2_2012_spr_tutorial.pdf]] The tutorial is available as a PDF: [[attachment:eman2_2012_spr_tutorial.pdf|eman2_2012_spr_tutorial.pdf|&do=get]]

Tutorial from the CryoEM Workshop at NUS (Singapore)

This workshop covers several different aspects of image processing associated with biological transmission electron microcsopy experiments. These range from single particle reconstruction, which typically focuses on determining the high resolution structure of a highly structurally homogeneous molecule/assembly in vitro, to single particle tomography, which often focuses on targets with more structural variability and or molecules/assemblies under native conditions.

To complete these tutorials, you will need to install EMAN2.06 or newer.

Single Particle Reconstruction (Dr. Steven J. Ludtke)

Please download eman2_2012_spr_demo_data.tbz

or eman2_2012_spr_demo_data.zip.

The tutorial is available as a PDF: eman2_2012_spr_tutorial.pdf

Single Particle Tomography (Dr. Michael F. Schmid)

Please download eman2_2012_spt_demo_data.tgz.

If it doesn't work, try this one: e2spt_data.zip

The tutorial is available as a PDF: e2spt_users_guide_06_2012.pdf

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