NCMI Workshop on Single Particle Reconstruction, Structural Variability and Modeling

Oct 30 - Nov 2, 2015

We strongly recommend bringing a 3 button (or 2 button+scroll) mouse. While it is possible to survive with a trackpad or one button mouse, there are many things in EMAN and Chimera where having additional mouse buttons is VERY useful.

Presentations from the Workshop

The official agenda is on the Workshop Page, but here is a link for convenience:

Following is a list of the various software packages which will be used in the tutorial and demo sessions. Installation difficulty varies among these. We have tried to identify the most critical packages, and how each will be used. If you run into one you cannot readily install, you can skip it, and just observe the relevant tutorial:

You will also need all of the demonstration data, which we will use when going through the tutorials:

Here are the actual tutorials as PDF files (hopefully more to follow):

These files are larger, and represent the results after completing the relevant tutorials, since you may not be able to get through the full tutorial on your laptops:

Additional information and tips about software installation

These are not additional downloads, but rather are links which may assist in installing some of the required packages above.