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analyzer.h File Reference
#include "emobject.h"
#include <gsl/gsl_linalg.h>
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class  EMAN::Analyzer
 Analyzer class defines a way to take a List of images as input, and returns a new List of images. More...
class  EMAN::InertiaMatrixAnalyzer
 Inertia Matrix computer Computes the Inertia Matrix for a 3-D volume. More...
class  EMAN::ShapeAnalyzer
 Shape characterization Computes a set of values characteristic of the shape of a volume. More...
class  EMAN::KMeansAnalyzer
 KMeansAnalyzer Performs k-means classification on a set of input images (shape/size arbitrary) returned result is a set of classification vectors. More...
class  EMAN::SVDAnalyzer
 Singular Value Decomposition from GSL. More...
class  EMAN::CircularAverageAnalyzer
 Calculate the circular average around the center in real space. More...


namespace  EMAN
 E2Exception class.


void EMAN::dump_analyzers ()
map< string, vector< string > > EMAN::dump_analyzers_list ()