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mrcio.h File Reference
#include "imageio.h"
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class  EMAN::MrcIO
 MRC file = header + data (nx x ny x nz). More...
struct  EMAN::MrcIO::MrcHeader
struct  EMAN::MrcIO::FeiMrcHeader
 Extended MRC format for tomography As used by Fei; original definition of extended header by Dave Agard and Bram Koster Contact Dustin Morado Dusti.nosp@m.n.Mo.nosp@m.rado@.nosp@m.uth..nosp@m.tmc.e.nosp@m.du for details. More...
struct  EMAN::MrcIO::FeiMrcExtHeader
 The extended header used by Fei MRC image. More...


namespace  EMAN
 E2Exception class.