Compiling EMAN2 on Windows

Note: This is a brief instruction for EMAN2 compilation on windows with visual c++. You will get a general idea for how to get EMAN2 compiled on windows. The actual version of these dependent libraries may be different.

1. Use cmake to generate Visual Studio 2008 solution:

2. The dependent libraries for EMAN2 building:

3. Actions before build:

4. After compilation

5. Install runtime libraries

6. Set up environment varaibles

set EMAN2DIR to C:\EMAN2
set PATH to C:\EMAN2\bin;C:\EMAN2\lib
set PYTHONPATH to C:\EMAN2\lib

After everything installed, type, if you see error message like, "The procedure entry point _Z7qstrcmpRK10QByteArrayS1_ could not be located in the dynamic link library QtCore4.dll.". That means you may have other Qt4 libraries installed. Remove them, just use the Qt4 libraries come with PyQt4 will solve this problem.

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