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This is a list of important changes by date. Only major changes will be listed here, minor bugfixes aren't:

Note that if using binary versions, most reported changes will not appear in binary snapshots until ~5pm (Houston time) 1 day AFTER the date shown below.

EMAN2.0 RC3 Released

Important Note We recently discovered (and fixed) the cause of a serious problem in the 3-D reconstruction algorithm. If you did a 3-D reconstruction with the keep= option set to a value less than 1 (or used the sigma keep option), you would sometimes (but not always) get a streaked or blurred looking 3-D reconstruction. This was due to a very subtle bug in the 3-D reconstruction algorithm which is now fixed. If you ran into this problem, PLEASE rerun your refinements with this new version. They should be much improved. Several other significant enhancements have also been made. For users upgrading from an earlier version, here are some suggested things to try with projects you previously refined with an earlier version of EMAN2 :

EMAN2.0RC2 Released

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