Porting an EMAN1 refinement project to EMAN2.3

Note : This page contains a simplified version of the EMAN2.1 tutorial, and assumes you are familiar with EMAN1. The full tutorials provide a much better way of learning EMAN2. This page will get you started if you just want to rapidly switch a project from EMAN1. If you find yourself asking 'but what does THAT mean' when you read this, you're reading the wrong page!

A Quick (but worse) Alternative

Following the guide below will effectively start your project from an EMAN1 start.hed/img. There are a variety of advantages in doing things this way, as a number of things have improved in EMAN2 vs EMAN1. However, if your goal is just to get started quickly, even if the results are good, but perhaps not optimal, there is an alternative:

This will create a new EMAN2 project from start.hed/img. It will:

That's it, you're ready to start a refinement, though results may not be optimal.

While the above process should get you started quickly, to get optimal results, you should really follow the full single particle processing tutorial, starting from micrographs, with the following caveats:

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