EMAN2 Introductory Tutorials

Please note that we are continuously developing and updating the tutorials. Most tutorials include the necessary data. If you have a request for a particular tutorial please feel free to email sludtke@bcm.edu .

Video tutorials and discussions

Standard Tutorials

Tutorial Data Downloads

The actual tutorials are in the sections below, this section contains the various test data sets.

Individual tutorial data downloads are available below, but for convenience, we have combined the data for the GUI introduction, single particle analysis tutorial, single particle 2-D dynamics tutorial and small tomography tutorial into a single download:

Alternatively, these individual data downloads cover the following standard workshop tutorial sequence:

Short tutorials and info sheets

Single particle analysis (SPA) - 2D particles

Tomography - tilt series through subtomogram averaging

Gaussian Mixture Model - Variability analysis both for SPA and SPT data

Strongly suggest reading the paper (PMC8363932). While there have been some very significant improvements, it lays a foundation. This project has also bifurcated, as explained in the first tutorial below.

Exchanging Data Between EMAN2 and Other Software (a bit outdated, untested with newer Relion versions)

Archive of Workshop Material (Lectures, specific tutorials, etc.

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