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Beginners (introductory tutorials)

Please note that we are continuously developing and updating the tutorials. Items that are greyed out are planned but the tutorials have not yet been completed. Most tutorials include the necessary data. If you have a request for a particular tutorial please feel free to email

Video tutorials and discussions

Written Tutorials

Short tutorials and info sheets

Single particle analysis (SPA) - 2D particles

Complete workflow for cellular tomography and subtomogram averaging

Automated Cellular Tomogram Annotation using Neural Networks

Using the Built-In Modules from Other Software

Out of date tutorials (provided for data access, etc.)

Advanced (EMAN2 through the '''' Python prompt)

* Generate and display an EMAN2 test image

* Rotate, translate, scale or mirror an image

* Add and multiply images, add and multiply by constants

* Convert a real/imaginary image into an amplitude/phase image and vice versa

* Iterate through the pixels of an image

* Make a projection of a 3D model, project through the asymmetric unit


* Change log level in EMAN2

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