International Workshop of Advanced Image Processing of Cryo-Electron Microscopy

Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing

These tutorial materials are for the workshop hosted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing in July 2013. Each day of the workshop is devoted to a different software package. The material on this page is the training material for EMAN2.

We will be using EMAN2.1alpha1, the first testing release of EMAN2.1, for this tutorial session. While this version is not yet completely stable, and not every feature will work, there are several important reasons to use it instead of EMAN 2.07:

WARNING for ',' countries

There is a known bug in Qt which can cause some issues on machines in countries where the decimal separator is a comma rather than a period. This has been discussed on the mailing list. If you are having difficulties viewing some images in any of the graphical tools, you may need to set these environment variables as a workaround:


Workshop participants who will be using their own laptop computers should at least install EMAN2 before the workshop. Probably a good idea to preinstall the data as well :

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