Building MPI Yourself

MPI does not require any special system privileges to set up or use on most clusters. There are many variants of MPI, and different users may need different versions. In the case of EMAN2, OpenMPI, the most widely used MPI distribution, works well in almost all situations, but there are some version-specific issues. We currently recommend version 1.4.3. This page describes how you can compile and install OpenMPI yourself in your own account.

Beware! Even if you compile MPI yourself, you will still need to install pydusa. By installing pydusa first, you *might* be able to avoid compiling your own MPI, so... try it: Install pydusa for EMAN2/SPARX ; EMAN2/Parallel/PyDusa

If you're getting errors running your jobs on a cluster using mpi, please *DO* remember to clear the cache:

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