Compile EMAN from source on Ubuntu 7.04 need some special attention.

If you are compiling eman1.8 source code, please do as follows:

 1. All dependent packages needed for  EMAN  compilation can be got by Ubuntu's package management software "Synaptic". For fftw package, make sure to install sfftw-dev not others.
 2. Some of the qt3 header files are in different name, do as follow to make your EMAN compile:
  * remove "#include <qfontmet.h>" and "#include <qlist.h>" in EMAN source files;
  * change header file names in EMAN:
        * qlined.h -> qlineedit.h
        * qmultilinedit.h -> qmultilineedit.h
        * qstack.h -> qptrstack.h
        * qapp.h -> qapplication.h
        * qfiledlg.h -> qfiledialog.h
        * qmsgbox.h -> qmessagebox.h 

If you are compiling eman daily release code:

In your "ccmake ../eman" screen output, type 't' to get into advanced mode, then find "ENABLE_UBUNTU" and set it to ON. 

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