First of all, install a windows version of CMAKE. Then open Cmake, specify visual studio 2003 .NET as your compiler (or other compiler available on your windows system). Then specify EMAN source directory and build directory. Then configure and build to get a project file for VC++ 2003 .NET. Start your visual C++ 2003 .NET, open the project file for EMAN, then build all. There are several things need your attention to build EMAN successfully: 1. Add a blank config.h file to your /eman directory;

  1. In VS2003.NET, in Build->Configuration Manager, check BUILD ALL, and INSTALL.

  2. In each project property -> Linker -> input -> Ignore specific library, add libc.lib, libcmt.lib.

  3. turn ENABLE_SZLIB to on, add a new library dependent: szlibdll.lib. The necessary zlib and szlib can be downloaded from HDF web site.
  4. The binary library downloaded from HDF web site is single-threaded. But EMAN require a multi-threaded HDF5 library. So we need compile it as multi-threaded library by ourselves.
  5. use hdf5.lib, zdll.lib and szlibdll.lib.

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