EMDash Installation

EMDash can be installed using "easy_install" or you may download the source and use "setup.py"

Download EMDash sources


Install EMDash

EMDash can be installed using either Python easy_install:

sudo python -m easy_install -U emdash

Note the "-U" flag will upgrade EMDash to the current version if it is already found.

Alternatively, you may install EMDash by downloading the source, unpacking, and running the setup.py script:

Download EMDash

python ./setup.py build
sudo python ./setup.py install

Running EMDash

EMDash includes several programs. To start a basic upload session:

python -m emdash.upload

EMDash with Microscopy GUI

EMDash takes a "-t <mode>" parameter. One of these modes is "-t microscopy", which will provide a user-interface customized for microscopists.

python -m emdash.microscopy

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