´╗┐Frealign is a program for high-resolution refinement of 3D reconstructions from cryo-EM images of single particles, originally developed at the MRC/LMB. It is now developed and maintained by the Grigorieff lab at Brandeis.

The main Frealign documentation can be found here.



1) Download Frealign here

2) Move the Frealign tar file to your desired installation location

3) Untar Frealign: tar -xvf frealign_v8.09_######.tar.gz

4) In your .bashrc, include the command:

5) Frealign is ready to be run. From the command line:

6) Note: the frealign_v8.exe you downloaded is a 64 bit Linux executable.

OSX: Since the Mac doesn't come with a Fortran compiler, we include a binary courtesy of Chuck Sindelar in Dr. Grigorieff's lab.

1) Download Frealign here

2) chmod a+x the frealign executable if it is not already execute permissed

3) move frealign to a folder in your path or add this to your .profile

Windows: Dr. Grigorieff has kindly made a windows executable available for download, since establishing a Fortran build environment on Windows is not for the faint of heart.

1) Download the windows executable here.

Bug fix version of for EMAN2 workshop 2011 Download here.

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