Thursday PM Practical

Rosetta is an object-oriented software suite which provides a robust system for predicting and designing protein structures, protein folding mechanisms, and protein-protein interactions.

For the tutorial, you can download binaries of Rosetta for:

Please also download the database suitable for all the above systems:

Afterwards, please add the following two lines in your .bashrc file and do "source ~/.bashrc". For installation in your own Linux machine, please change the path accordingly. Mac users should modify the lines accordingly as well.

export ROSETTA3_SRC=/home/eman/eman2011/rosetta/rosetta_binaries_linux
export ROSETTA3_DB=/home/eman/eman2011/rosetta/rosetta_database

For installation of the standard release, the latest release of Rosetta, version 3.2, may be downloaded at The software is free to academic users, who may get a license (and download link) by clicking on the appropriate link on the left side of the page. The user manual, containing more detailed installation and usage information, is available online at

A brief installation guide for the standard release can be found at: Installation_Guide.pdf

Tutorial data is here:

Tutorial documentation is here: Rosetta_Density_Tutorial.pdf (though this will also be handed out at the workshop, and may be updated before thursday)

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