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EMAN::LinearPyramidProcessor Class Reference

Multiplies image by a 'linear pyramid' 1-(|x-xsize/2|*|y-ysize/2|*4/(xsize*ysize)) This is useful in averaging together boxed out regions with 50% overlap. More...

#include <processor.h>

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Public Member Functions

string get_name () const
 Get the processor's name. More...
void process_inplace (EMData *image)
 To process an image in-place. More...
virtual TypeDict get_param_types () const
 Get processor parameter information in a dictionary. More...
string get_desc () const
 Get the descrition of this specific processor. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from EMAN::Processor
virtual ~Processor ()
virtual EMDataprocess (const EMData *const image)
 To proccess an image out-of-place. More...
virtual void process_list_inplace (vector< EMData * > &images)
 To process multiple images using the same algorithm. More...
virtual Dict get_params () const
 Get the processor parameters in a key/value dictionary. More...
virtual void set_params (const Dict &new_params)
 Set the processor parameters using a key/value dictionary. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static ProcessorNEW ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from EMAN::Processor
static string get_group_desc ()
 Get the description of this group of processors. More...
static void EMFourierFilterInPlace (EMData *fimage, Dict params)
 Compute a Fourier-filter processed image in place. More...
static EMDataEMFourierFilter (EMData *fimage, Dict params)
 Compute a Fourier-processor processed image without altering the original image. More...

Static Public Attributes

static const string NAME = "math.linearpyramid"

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from EMAN::Processor
enum  fourier_filter_types {
 Fourier filter Processor type enum. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from EMAN::Processor
Dict params

Detailed Description

Multiplies image by a 'linear pyramid' 1-(|x-xsize/2|*|y-ysize/2|*4/(xsize*ysize)) This is useful in averaging together boxed out regions with 50% overlap.

Definition at line 4217 of file processor.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_desc()

string EMAN::LinearPyramidProcessor::get_desc ( ) const

Get the descrition of this specific processor.

This function must be overwritten by a subclass.

The description of this processor.

Implements EMAN::Processor.

Definition at line 4244 of file processor.h.

4245 {
4246 return "Multiplies image by a 'linear pyramid' in 1-3 dimensions. The origin and total base width of the pyramid can be specified. Default is centered with the total image size.";
4247 }

◆ get_name()

string EMAN::LinearPyramidProcessor::get_name ( ) const

Get the processor's name.

Each processor is identified by a unique name.

The processor's name.

Implements EMAN::Processor.

Definition at line 4220 of file processor.h.

4221 {
4222 return NAME;
4223 }
static const string NAME
Definition: processor.h:4249

References NAME.

◆ get_param_types()

virtual TypeDict EMAN::LinearPyramidProcessor::get_param_types ( ) const

Get processor parameter information in a dictionary.

Each parameter has one record in the dictionary. Each record contains its name, data-type, and description.

A dictionary containing the parameter info.

Reimplemented from EMAN::Processor.

Definition at line 4232 of file processor.h.

4233 {
4234 TypeDict d;
4235 d.put("x0", EMObject::FLOAT);
4236 d.put("y0", EMObject::FLOAT);
4237 d.put("z0", EMObject::FLOAT);
4238 d.put("xwidth", EMObject::FLOAT);
4239 d.put("ywidth", EMObject::FLOAT);
4240 d.put("zwidth", EMObject::FLOAT);
4241 return d;
4242 }
TypeDict is a dictionary to store <string, EMObject::ObjectType> pair.
Definition: emobject.h:305
void put(const string &key, EMObject::ObjectType o, const string &desc="")
Definition: emobject.h:330

References EMAN::EMObject::FLOAT, and EMAN::TypeDict::put().

◆ NEW()

static Processor * EMAN::LinearPyramidProcessor::NEW ( )

Definition at line 4227 of file processor.h.

4228 {
4229 return new LinearPyramidProcessor();
4230 }
Multiplies image by a 'linear pyramid' 1-(|x-xsize/2|*|y-ysize/2|*4/(xsize*ysize)) This is useful in ...
Definition: processor.h:4218

◆ process_inplace()

void LinearPyramidProcessor::process_inplace ( EMData image)

To process an image in-place.

For those processors which can only be processed out-of-place, override this function to just print out some error message to remind user call the out-of-place version.

imageThe image to be processed.

Implements EMAN::Processor.

Definition at line 1927 of file processor.cpp.

1927 {
1929// if (image->get_zsize()!=1) { throw ImageDimensionException("Only 2-D images supported"); }
1931 int nx=image->get_xsize();
1932 int ny=image->get_ysize();
1933 int nz=image->get_zsize();
1934 float x0 = params.set_default("x0",nx/2);
1935 float y0 = params.set_default("y0",ny/2);
1936 float z0 = params.set_default("z0",nz/2);
1937 float xwidth = params.set_default("xwidth",nx);
1938 float ywidth = params.set_default("ywidth",ny);
1939 float zwidth = params.set_default("zwidth",nz);
1941 for (int z=0; z<nz; z++) {
1942 for (int y=0; y<ny; y++) {
1943 for (int x=0; x<nx; x++) {
1944 float xf=1.0-fabs(x-x0)*2.0/xwidth;
1945 float yf=1.0-fabs(y-y0)*2.0/ywidth;
1946 float zf=1.0-fabs(z-z0)*2.0/zwidth;
1947 float val=0.0;
1948 if (xf>0&&yf>0&&zf>0) val=xf*yf*zf;
1949 image->mult_value_at_fast(x,y,z,val);
1950 }
1951 }
1952 }
type set_default(const string &key, type val)
Default setting behavior This can be achieved using a template - d.woolford Jan 2008 (before there wa...
Definition: emobject.h:569
#define y(i, j)
Definition: projector.cpp:1516
#define x(i)
Definition: projector.cpp:1517

References EMAN::Processor::params, EMAN::Dict::set_default(), x, and y.

Member Data Documentation


const string LinearPyramidProcessor::NAME = "math.linearpyramid"

Definition at line 4249 of file processor.h.

Referenced by get_name().

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