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EMAN::TestImageSphericalWave Class Reference

Replace a source image as a sine wave in specified wave length. More...

#include <processor.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void process_inplace (EMData *image)
 To process an image in-place. More...
virtual string get_name () const
 Get the processor's name. More...
virtual string get_desc () const
 Get the descrition of this specific processor. More...
virtual TypeDict get_param_types () const
 Get processor parameter information in a dictionary. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from EMAN::Processor
virtual ~Processor ()
virtual EMDataprocess (const EMData *const image)
 To proccess an image out-of-place. More...
virtual void process_list_inplace (vector< EMData * > &images)
 To process multiple images using the same algorithm. More...
virtual Dict get_params () const
 Get the processor parameters in a key/value dictionary. More...
virtual void set_params (const Dict &new_params)
 Set the processor parameters using a key/value dictionary. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static ProcessorNEW ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from EMAN::TestImageProcessor
static string get_group_desc ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from EMAN::Processor
static string get_group_desc ()
 Get the description of this group of processors. More...
static void EMFourierFilterInPlace (EMData *fimage, Dict params)
 Compute a Fourier-filter processed image in place. More...
static EMDataEMFourierFilter (EMData *fimage, Dict params)
 Compute a Fourier-processor processed image without altering the original image. More...

Static Public Attributes

static const string NAME = "testimage.sphericalwave"

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from EMAN::Processor
enum  fourier_filter_types {
 Fourier filter Processor type enum. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from EMAN::TestImageProcessor
void preprocess (EMData *image)
- Protected Attributes inherited from EMAN::TestImageProcessor
int nx
int ny
int nz
- Protected Attributes inherited from EMAN::Processor
Dict params

Detailed Description

Replace a source image as a sine wave in specified wave length.

phasein radians
xcenter of the spherical wave
ycenter of the spherical wave
zcenter of the spherical wave

Definition at line 8480 of file processor.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_desc()

virtual string EMAN::TestImageSphericalWave::get_desc ( ) const

Get the descrition of this specific processor.

This function must be overwritten by a subclass.

The description of this processor.

Implements EMAN::Processor.

Definition at line 8490 of file processor.h.

8491 {
8492 return "Replace a source image in 2d or 3d with a spherical wave cos(2*pi*r/wavelength+phase) also 1/r (2d) or 1/r^2 (3d)";
8493 }

◆ get_name()

virtual string EMAN::TestImageSphericalWave::get_name ( ) const

Get the processor's name.

Each processor is identified by a unique name.

The processor's name.

Implements EMAN::Processor.

Definition at line 8485 of file processor.h.

8486 {
8487 return NAME;
8488 }
static const string NAME
Definition: processor.h:8511

References NAME.

Referenced by process_inplace().

◆ get_param_types()

virtual TypeDict EMAN::TestImageSphericalWave::get_param_types ( ) const

Get processor parameter information in a dictionary.

Each parameter has one record in the dictionary. Each record contains its name, data-type, and description.

A dictionary containing the parameter info.

Reimplemented from EMAN::Processor.

Definition at line 8500 of file processor.h.

8501 {
8502 TypeDict d;
8503 d.put("wavelength", EMObject::FLOAT, "cos(2*pi*r/wavelength+phase)");
8504 d.put("phase", EMObject::FLOAT, "in radians");
8505 d.put("x", EMObject::FLOAT, "center of the spherical wave");
8506 d.put("y", EMObject::FLOAT, "center of the spherical wave");
8507 d.put("z", EMObject::FLOAT, "center of the spherical wave");
8508 return d;
8509 }
TypeDict is a dictionary to store <string, EMObject::ObjectType> pair.
Definition: emobject.h:305
void put(const string &key, EMObject::ObjectType o, const string &desc="")
Definition: emobject.h:330

References EMAN::EMObject::FLOAT, and EMAN::TypeDict::put().

◆ NEW()

static Processor * EMAN::TestImageSphericalWave::NEW ( )

Definition at line 8495 of file processor.h.

8496 {
8497 return new TestImageSphericalWave();
8498 }
Replace a source image as a sine wave in specified wave length.
Definition: processor.h:8481

◆ process_inplace()

void TestImageSphericalWave::process_inplace ( EMData image)

To process an image in-place.

For those processors which can only be processed out-of-place, override this function to just print out some error message to remind user call the out-of-place version.

imageThe image to be processed.

Implements EMAN::Processor.

Definition at line 9552 of file processor.cpp.

9554 preprocess(image);
9556 if(!params.has_key("wavelength")) {
9557 LOGERR("%s wavelength is required parameter", get_name().c_str());
9558 throw InvalidParameterException("wavelength parameter is required.");
9559 }
9560 float wavelength = params["wavelength"];
9562 float phase = 0;
9563 if(params.has_key("phase")) {
9564 phase = params["phase"];
9565 }
9567 float x = (float)(nx/2);
9568 if (params.has_key("x")) x=params["x"];
9569 float y = (float)(ny/2);
9570 if (params.has_key("y")) y=params["y"];
9571 float z = (float)(nz/2);
9572 if (params.has_key("z")) z=params["z"];
9574 int ndim = image->get_ndim();
9576 if(ndim==2) { //2D
9577 for(int j=0; j<ny; ++j) {
9578 for(int i=0; i<nx; ++i) {
9579 float r=hypot(x-(float)i,y-(float)j);
9580 if (r<.5) continue;
9581 image->set_value_at(i,j,cos(2*(float)pi*r/wavelength+phase)/r);
9582 }
9583 }
9584 }
9585 else { //3D
9586 for(int k=0; k<nz; ++k) {
9587 for(int j=0; j<ny; ++j) {
9588 for(int i=0; i<nx; ++i) {
9589 float r=Util::hypot3(x-(float)i,y-(float)j,z-(float)k);
9590 if (r<.5) continue;
9591 image->set_value_at(i,j,k,cos(2*(float)pi*r/wavelength+phase)/(r*r));
9592 }
9593 }
9594 }
9595 }
9597 image->update();
bool has_key(const string &key) const
Ask the Dictionary if it as a particular key.
Definition: emobject.h:511
void preprocess(EMData *image)
Definition: processor.cpp:8923
virtual string get_name() const
Get the processor's name.
Definition: processor.h:8485
static float hypot3(int x, int y, int z)
Euclidean distance function in 3D: f(x,y,z) = sqrt(x*x + y*y + z*z);.
Definition: util.h:827
EMData * phase() const
return phase part of a complex image as a real image format
#define InvalidParameterException(desc)
Definition: exception.h:361
#define LOGERR
Definition: log.h:51
#define y(i, j)
Definition: projector.cpp:1516
#define x(i)
Definition: projector.cpp:1517

References get_name(), EMAN::Dict::has_key(), EMAN::Util::hypot3(), InvalidParameterException, LOGERR, EMAN::TestImageProcessor::nx, EMAN::TestImageProcessor::ny, EMAN::TestImageProcessor::nz, EMAN::Processor::params, phase(), EMAN::TestImageProcessor::preprocess(), x, and y.

Member Data Documentation


const string TestImageSphericalWave::NAME = "testimage.sphericalwave"

Definition at line 8511 of file processor.h.

Referenced by get_name().

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