Material for NCMI 2011 Workshop on CryoEM Single Particle Analysis

This page contains several links (in the table below) to the software and data you need to download for each of the specific tutorials at the workshop. People using the on-site desktop PCs do not need to install anything in advance, unless they wish to do something on their laptops as well.

Pleae note: You will need to have everything installed and working on your laptop before the workshop. We are happy to help you with installation/setup problems via email before the workshop, but we cannot individually help 90+ laptop users AT the workshop with installation problems. If you do not wish to participate in one or more of the tutorials below, you can, of course, skip that section. We are covering a wide range of different software, so if you participate in all of the tutorials, it may take 2-3 hours (or more if you have slow network connection) to set everything up.

The agenda, which will be populated gradually with the presentations and tutorials can be found at Ws2011/Agenda.

UPDATE: Linux and Mac users may now download the 2.01 release of EMAN2. Windows users will have to wait a bit longer...

Required software/data:


General purpose image processing and refinement

Used throughout the workshop.


Visualization/Interactive post procesing

Used throughout the workshop.


Model building, secondary structure detection

Tutorial on day 4


High resolution model building

Used for mini-tutorial on day 4


Dynamic modeling

Demo on day 4


Database/Electronic Notebook

Demo/tutorial on Day 4


Single particle refinement

EMAN2/Frealign tutorial on day 3

Data only:


demo data for day 2


Brief demo/tutorial Day 3

Single particle tomography

EMAN2 used for processing. Tutorial day 3

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